Solid Wood Furniture Handmade in Algonquin, IL | Shipping Nationwide
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our story
Our family, proudly making furniture for yours.

We started building handmade furniture over 15 years ago. In 2013 we became What WE Make. We have focused on making furniture from reclaimed wood and sustainably source hardwoods while using non-toxic, voc-free, and low-voc finishes. We set out to limit our impact on the world, to limit the toxins most furniture brings into your home, and to make pieces that will last for many generations. These values still guide every decision we make today.

When you buy from What WE Make, you can buy with confidence knowing you share in bringing these values to an industry sorely in need of change.

Things of quality stand the test of time.

Sustainability is our core. We make pieces that will outlast us from sustainably sourced hardwoods, reclaimed barn wood, and non-toxic, voc-free, plant based finishes. Everything we make is made with the idea that furniture can last for generations, does not have to be toxic, and can still be functional for everyday use. We are constantly striving to reduce our company waste, to reduce our energy consumption, and to limit our use of non-reusable packing materials. We believe that What WE Make, and how we make it, makes us who we are!

What WE Make our pieces with.

Most of our pieces are made from reclaimed wood sourced from midwestern barns. The history of each board is second to none and shows in the character and unique beauty of each piece. For those looking for more uniformity in their pieces, we work with locally and sustainably sourced hardwoods. We do not work with toxic chemicals or materials that are not sustainable.

Wood and midwest history
midwest is the best lumber

Every bunk of lumber that comes through our doors has been responsibly and sustainably sourced in the Midwest. We need our ecosystems to stay healthy so trees can continue to grow, and keep our air clean by soaking up carbon. We partner with suppliers who share our values, and put ecosystems first.

What people are saying

My custom made table and chairs are absolutely gorgeous. They are so well made, I’m blown away. I had high expectations and loved the pictures they sent before shipping, but they are even more beautiful in person. And they are eco-friendly from start to finish, which is really important to me. I could not be any happier, thank you so much!

Monique B.

Dan and his team are absolutely fabulous to work with. We just purchased our second order from them and are very very pleased. What I liked the best was the great quality of the furniture and the ease of being in contact with them. The quality of the wood is the best you will find.

Melody N.

This is a solid piece of furniture and the quality of construction exceeded our high expectations. The walnut selected has a beautiful grain pattern and looks great in our family room.

Greg W.

This is the second piece of furniture I've purchased from these folks, and I am very pleased with the quality and the communication. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I look forward to the third time!

Philip S.

Astonishingly beautiful and well made product. We had been looking for a table for quite some time, and I’m so glad we went with this one! I look forward to having it for years to come, as the quality is astounding. It’s so obvious that the maker puts time and effort into giving you the perfect product.

Leah M.

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